This book ends in May of 2005, but my wandering and writing continue on. When I retired in January of 2004, I knew I was ready but not how ready. I have been very fortunate to discover in my early 60s what for me has been a new world of night sky and woods observing, and I hope to be able to pursue these explorations for a few more years. Perhaps some of you will join me. The dark night sky and well-placed woods are rapidly disappearing and need their admirers, protectors, and promoters. May you ooze the Moon, and may the Moon ooze you.

A few of the things she and the woods can make together

ridges and cliffs
labyrinths and vortices
tunnels and funnels
elysian fields
arcadias and all kinds of landscapes
rivers running through it
beings and creatures
moving eyes and jumping lights
simulacra of higher illumination
music of course
space forests
defiles and ravines
blackening sun and shocking void
deep space miniatures
alien craft and flickering forms
proprioceptive pyrotechnics
levitational and directional
high spirits



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